Midnight Metal

Friday 12:00 a.m. Midnight

Avenged Sevenfold is up to something as evident by their YouTube channel.

The band went live with a video today (March 13) that shows an open gallery-style room. In the room, there are all sorts of A7X-inspired artwork on the walls. The center of the room is occupied by a skeleton in a chair. In front of the skeleton is a number of stereo speakers with candles atop them. The video features a countdown clock in the upper right corner that will expire on March 14 at 11 AM EDT/8 PM PDT.


What the band is counting down to is anyone’s guess. However, fans are already speculating in the live chat on YouTube that new music is finally coming. One fan wrote in the chat, “I have a feeling the band’s gonna appear on the live and play the new song.” Another fan wrote, “New music? New TOUR????” One fan appeared impatient writing, “Better be the new album or single.”

It has been awhile since we’ve heard from A7X. Their last album was 2016’s The Stage, which was a surprise release. This new LP has long been in the works and has had multiple timetables for release. Singer M. Shadows said in April 2022 the album would drop either in late 2022 or early 2023.


Synyster Gates Tattooed A7X Fans While Drunk at Recent Event

There’s no cute way to introduce this story: A drunken Synyster Gates tattooed some Avenged Sevenfold fans at a recent event, and the tattoos are…well…interesting.

The event in question was organized by the Deathbats Club, a unique NFT/blockchain grouping that is limited to 10,000 members and derives its name from A7X’s logo. Gates was in attendance at the event, along with M. Shadows, Zacky Vengeance, Johnny Christ and Brooks Wackerman.

Gates shared/retweeted a number of photos from the event showing off his drunken tattoo work. Scroll below to see the type of ink some fans received! Once again, they’re interesting.

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