PRODUCTION - 09 December 2022, Hessen, Frankfurt/Main: A Komodo dragon sits in its terrarium. The zoo in the Main metropolis is struggling with rising energy costs. (to dpa "Many zoo animals like it hot - zoos can only save energy to a limited extent") Photo: Andreas Arnold/dpa (Photo by Andreas Arnold/picture alliance via Getty Images)

A man in South Africa works as a reptile wrangler and while rescuing a monitor lizard from a fence, was dive-bombed by a bird. He says the bird was defending it’s nearby nest and he wasn’t injured. Just a day in the life of a South African reptile wrangler we guess.


A short video of a quick Monitor Lizard rescue...On Wednesday, before my chaotic afternoon/night (see earlier post), I got called for this Nile/Water Monitor (likkewaan, uXamu, woodumboo), in a suburban garden. With dogs in the property it was in, and dogs on the other side of the wall, it really wasn't safe for it. Dogs often kill these reptiles.It was also far from any stream or river, or large natural area. Strange, as they usually enter properties that border such places.Never before have I been dive bombed by a bird while holding one of these lizards, but just look at the Indian Mynah in the video! It had a nest nearby.Various measurements and a weight was taken of the lizard, the data going towards an ongoing research project, before it was released.This is a protected species that may not, by law, be killed, kept or sold.If you have any sightings in the Durban area, please let us know, it is useful information. If you need one taken out of your property, just give me a call.~Nick Evans 072 809

Posted by Nick Evans- Snake Rescuer on Thursday, January 12, 2023


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