MANHATTAN BEACH, CA - NOVEMBER 26: Aaron Liggett, left, makes a toast as Thanksgiving dinner is served, spending it with, clockwise from Aaron, brother Austin and his wife Nina, parents David and Robin Liggett and his wife Michelle and son Waylon, outside his parents home on 9th Street in Manhattan Beach, Thursday, Nov. 26, 2020. David and Robin had to cancel their 50th wedding anniversary this year due to COVID-19 and would usually have 25-30 people over for Thanksgiving, where she annually makes the family receive for Swedish meatballs, which they were enjoying tonight. (Jay L. Clendenin / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

There are a million stories of people showing up to a party on the wrong day. But thanks to a doorbell cam, we get to watch this one unfold. A couple brings wine and dessert to a Thanksgiving party, but when the door opens, the woman inside is wearing pajamas.

She tells them the party is NEXT Saturday . . . and they all have a laugh. After hearing the couple hired a babysitter they discuss hanging out anyway.