NEW YORK, NEW YORK - OCTOBER 13: General view during Toys"R"Us Grand Opening at Macy's Herald Square on October 13, 2022 in New York City. (Photo by Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images for Macy's, Inc.)

My one job being a kid growing up in the Motor City was the Sunday morning paper. Back in the day, the Sunday paper had to have killed a few trees to make. The Sunday Newspaper was so thick packed with furniture, cars, women’s clothing, and most importantly, the Sunday funnies.

Around the holidays, also had the best of the best toy ads. I’m sure the Toys“R”Us paper was like a direct line to Santa’s workshop with board games that included Boggle, Perfection, Connect Four, Simon and Barbie’s Dream everything.

The last few years, even being an adult, hearing the news of Toys“R”Us’ problems staying afloat in the business sent a shock wave all across the United States. My thoughts went wild wondering where people would find toys for kids. Luckily, the news is good for a comeback. The Toys“R”Us brand is back with 14 locations. Toy R Us Kids can find these smaller toy shops within several Macy’s stores throughout Michigan. Even Geoffrey the Giraffe is back! It’s been a long four-year battle, but it is so good to see a comeback for all of us that refuse to grow up.

For more information about Toys“R”Us in Macy’s stores, click on the link:

Exciting News: 14 Toys R Us Locations Returning to Michigan ⋆ Metro Detroit Mommy

Four years after the company closed all of its U.S. stores, the Toys R Us brand is back with 14 locations. Toy R Us Kids can find these smaller toy shop within several Macy's stores throughout Michigan. Guests can enjoy the nostagic feeling of stepping inside the 1,000 square foot store that even includes a...

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