Machine Gun Kelly attends h.wood Group's grand opening of Delilah at Wynn Las Vegas on July 10, 2021 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Machine Gun Kelly went from the “Blonde Don” to the “Bald Don.”

Yesterday (August 10), the 31-year-old musician shared a screenshot from a FaceTime video with Cole Bennett, a music video director.

“i shaved my head for this @_ColeBennett_ ‘papercuts’ tomorrow 9pm” MGK wrote on Twitter and his Instagram Story.

Sure, the photo is teasing a collaboration, but we can’t help but focus all of our attention to a wide-eyed Colson Baker (MGK) with a new, bald head catching the light with a big tattooed symbol smack dab in the middle of his head.

It’s unclear whether Baker previously had this tattoo and it was covered by hair or if the ink is new. As we earlier reported, he and Travis Barker got matching forearm tattoos to commemorate their latest joint album, Born With Horns.

People on Twitter are hating on the new bald ‘do:

One person simply wrote, “NO.”

Another bashed both of his latest hairstyles writing, “i hated your mop cut but i think i hate this more.”

Some speculated it’s just a bald cap:

One fan posted a video of MGK walking around bald, wearing a silver outfit. The lack of tattoos also supports the theory that he was wearing a bald cap.

While some embraced the shiny head:

One fan said that girlfriend Megan Fox would never have approved of him shaving his hair off:

Megan Fox actually got “el pistolero” (Spanish for “the gunman”) tattooed on her last November as a reference to her man’s stage name.

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