Dave & Chuck: Junk Food Roundup

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A soda pop brand is getting into the booze game, Krispy Kreme is celebrating summer with a classic summer treat, and a pizza company is getting more vegetarian friendly!

Pepsi announced they’ll start selling boozy MOUNTAIN DEW next year.  They’re calling it “Hard Mountain Dew,” and it’s 5% alcohol.  So about the same as hard seltzer and beer.  But unlike normal Mountain Dew, it won’t have any sugar.  And there’s no caffeine either.



Krispy Kreme collaborated with Hershey’s to create S’mores Donuts. They just launched two brand new limited-edition doughnuts for s’mores lovers. You can choose between the S’mores Classic Doughnut or the S’mores Fudge Cake Doughnut, both feature Hershey’s chocolate, marshmallow, and graham crackers crumbs.

They are only around for a limited time and while supplies last.



Pizza Hut is testing plant-based “Beyond Pepperoni.”  They claim that the plant based pepperoni is “crisped and seasoned to savory perfection” which “delivers just the right amount of subtle heat and offers the same experience and taste of Pizza Hut’s classic pepperoni.” So if you’re a Pizza Hut fanatic and you’re into more plant based foods this might be right up your alley.