Junk Food Roundup

Hormel Has Created a New Chili Cheese . . . Beer?!

TGI Fridays “Mozzarella Stick” Chips . . . Don’t Contain Mozzarella?

Pepsi Wants You to Try “Pilk” (Pepsi + Milk)

Junk Food Round Up: Pizza Sushi and Figgy Pudding-Flavored SPAM?!?

Wendy’s Has a New Peppermint Frosty, but Still No Vanilla

Miller Lite Is Selling “Tree Keg Stands” That Turn Christmas Trees into Bartenders

Frito-Lay Is Launching Smaller Snacks!?

Junk Food Round-Up: Candy Corn Roulette

Fruitcake-Flavored Mountain Dew Is Here for the Holidays?!?

Kellogg’s Launches ‘Just Add Water’ Cereal

Heinz Is Selling a Clothing Line

The Price Of Hot Dogs At NFL Stadiums in 2021-2022

Taco Bell Maybe About to Start Serving Actual Pizza!

Would You Eat This?!?

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Dave and Chuck the Freak Taste Test Vernors Black Cherry

Junk Food Round Up: Condiment themed Doritos and Coke’s new WEIRD flavor!

First-Ever ‘Crustless’ Pizza Innovation Launches

Brach’s Tailgate Candy Corn Features Hot Dog, Hamburger Flavors

Velveeta Has Unveiled a Liquid Mac-and-Cheese Martini

Tailgate-Flavored Candy Corn Now Exists

Taco Bell Testing New Tostada Served on a Massive Cheez-It

Junk Food Round-Up: Ketchup Popsicle & Krispy Kreme Ice Cream

Velveeta Cheese-Scented Nail Polish Is Here!

Is This the Future of Drive-Thru?

Pickle Flavored MTN Dew Testing This Summer!

Nabisco Is Selling an Oreo/Ritz Mash-Up

Eat the Trashiest Food You Love for National “Eat What You Want” Day

America’s Favorite Easter Candies!

Cinnamon Roll Pizzas and Cheeseburger Omelets

Junk Food Round Up! New Snacks from Kit Kat and Buffalo Wild Wings Team Up with Doritos!

Junk Food Round Up: Pizza Toast and Maple Syrup Pepsi!

Junk Food Round-up: New Frosted Flakes and Vegan Jerky?

Junk Food Round Up: Applebee’s Donuts and New Whoppers!

Caffeinated Hostess Snacks Coming to Convenience Stores

Chicken Nugget Hearts and Chicken Big Macs!

New Fast Food Sandwich Is So Spicy, It Comes with a Milkshake?!?

7-Eleven Is Selling a Thanksgiving Sub with Stuffing-Flavored Bread

Arby’s is Releasing a French Fry-Flavored Vodka

Thanksgiving-Flavored Ice Cream Is Here!

Want To Enjoy A Eggnog Hard Seltzer This Holiday Season?

Junk Food Roundup: Mac & Cheese Pizza and Gingerbread Soda Pop

Cracker Jack-Flavored Pepsi Just Released!

Pumpkin Spice and Marshmallow Hard Seltzers Coming for Fall

Flamin’ Hot Mountain Dew Is Coming

Junk Food Round-up: Burger Place Adds Donut Holes, Girl Scouts Get a New Cookie and Taco Bell Tests Fancy Fries

Where did they just open an X-rated waffle house?

Junk Food Round Up: Beer for Breakfast, Turkey Candy Corn & Ghost Wendy’s!

Junk Food Round Up: Mountain Dew with Alcohol, S’mores Krispy Kreme’s and Plant Based Pizza

Guy Fieri Created a Hot Dog Apple Pie

French’s Mustard Created Mustard-Flavored Hot Dog Buns