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Amsterdam is a popular tourist location due to its cannabis coffee shops (among other things), but current mayor Femke Halsema is actually looking to shut out visitors from these businesses.

Per Forbes and CNN, Halsema wrote a letter to Amsterdam city council proposing that once coronavirus travel restrictions are lifted that a new policy is put in place that would actually ban foreign visitors from cannabis coffee shops and have them be for locals only.

Why would Halsema want to ban foreign visitors from cannabis coffee shops? In order for “…tourism in the city [be] more manageable and to control the coffee shop supply chain.”

Forbes notes, “A total of 46 million people visited the Netherlands in 2019, with most coming to Amsterdam and many buying and smoking cannabis at the marijuana shops.”

It’s not known whether Amsterdam city council will enact Mayor Halsema’s new policy, but if they do, it’s likely many people looking to toke in public might need to find a new vacation spot in the future when we can actually travel more freely.

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