David Lee Roth has been sharing a lot of sketches lately, and his most recent one seems to poke fun at Sammy Hagar, the man who replaced him in Van Halen.

Diamond Dave’s sketch is the front page of a publication called “The Daily Catastrophe,” and the headlines include “Concrete Flowers for Sam,” “Sam the Man Not Only Will Be Giving His Life for Rock and Roll, But Plans to Be Buried in His Recently Acquired Jet!,” “Red Rocker Refuses to Fly 55 in Afterlife” and “Soggy Kudos to the Bottom’s Favorite Front-Guy for Planning Ahead” (perhaps a nod to the Soggy Bottom Boys, the fictional bluegrass group led by George Clooney’s Ulysses Everett McGill character in 2000’s Coen Brothers classic O Brother, Where Art Thou?) Roth has shared sketches of “The Daily Catastrophe” before and has also referenced “Soggy Bottom.”


Roth and Hagar have been in the news recently, since Wolfgang Van Halen has said in recent interviews that, in the years before Eddie Van Halen’s passing, Van Halen was considering a tour with all three singers: Roth, Hagar and Gary Cherone.

Roth’s ribbing of Hagar was —  perhaps — his impish way of reminding his 0ne-time rival that he would not have agreed to the tour, or if he did, he wouldn’t be an easy touring mate. As Hagar recently pointed out in an interview, he doesn’t consider Roth to be “user-friendly”: “I love the guy, I love the music, all that, but he’s just not user friendly. He’s always gonna pull something to try to make you look bad and make him look good and all that kind of stuff.”

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