Corey Taylor has released the official music video for his solo single “Black Eyes Blue” off his debut solo album, CMFT.

The video shows Taylor attempting to escape the confines of a home only to be teleported back to his bedroom the moment he tries to step off his porch. While he eventually is able to leave his home, there are two moments in the video that stand out:

1. Taylor is in a bathtub fully clothed giving off unintentional Kip Winger in Playgirl vibes. (If you don’t know what that means, Google it for yourself to figure it out.)
2. Once Taylor is out of the house, we see him performing outdoors while wearing a long-sleeve top and cropped khaki-colored pants that give the brief illusion he’s Donald Duck-ing it. (Yes, I know it’s silly to point this out, but if I noticed it, I’m likely not the only one.)

CMFT is due out October 2 and is currently available for pre-order with exclusive formats and bundles at TheCoreyTaylor.comCMFT is also available for pre-save on major digital platforms here

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