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The first cannabis cafe opened in the United States yesterday (October 1), and as expected, the cafe already attracted long lines.

Located in West Hollywood, Calif., Lowell Farms Cafe boasts a diverse menu as well as the option to purchase marijuana on the premises from their staff of flower hosts, which is the weed version of a sommelier. However, it should be noted that none of the food on the menu is laced with marijuana.

General manager Lily Estanislao tells KABC the cafe’s pot offerings include, “Everything from pre-rolled joints to bongs that we’re renting, pipes that we’re renting, and the flower itself, it’s pretty amazing.” Estanislao also says, “We wanted to break the stigma against cannabis so we wanted to create an environment where people could comfortably consume and also enjoy a really fantastic meal.”

Lowell Farms Cafe is the first of eight cannabis cafes scheduled to open in West Hollywood in the near future. Check out the scene from the cafe’s opening day in the video from CBS News below!

Marijuana is on the menu at the nation's first cannabis cafe

At Lowell Farms Cafe in West Hollywood, California, customers can order marijuana as well as standard food and drinks. CBS News' Chris Martinez checked it out on opening night.

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