(Photo Illustration by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Carls Jr., Burger King, and White Castle have all done it, and now McDonald’s is jumping on board. The fast-food chain has announced that they will be testing a plant-based burger in Canada.

They tweeted, “Meet the P.L.T, a delicious, juicy, plant-based burger, that will be available for a limited time as a test at selected restaurants in Southwestern Ontario.”

They also added in the comments under their post that if all goes well in Canada, the plant-based menu could be expanded in other countries. “We’re testing a small region of Canada and once the test is complete, our teams will assess the learnings  from our guests and execution in restaurants to help inform future plant-based decisions in Canada and around the world.”

Unfortunately, according to their website, the P.L.T will still be prepared on a grill where meat-based products and eggs are also cooked; many vegetarians and vegans don’t like their food cooked on grills that are also used for meat. .