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Did Linkin Park Find A New Lead Singer?

The internet seems to think that there's a person that Linkin Park may have in mind.

There has been some cryptic tweeting and video posting happening from Austin Carlile, former vocalist from Of Mice & Men, showing clips from over the years performing with Linkin Park, which started to cause some speculation in the case of replacing the late frontman of the band, Chester Bennington.

Some of the posts include the following:

Note To Scene News on Twitter

Austin Carlile returning to music with new heavy band?


"Don't turn your back on me, I won't be ignored." @chesterbe @linkinpark

65.1k Likes, 2,092 Comments - Austin Carlile (@austincarlile) on Instagram: ""Don't turn your back on me, I won't be ignored." @chesterbe @linkinpark"


And after a billion tweets of fans either in support or frustration at this potential news, Carlile finally spoke out, denying the rumors.

Austin Carlile on Twitter

@Loudwire Chester is one in a billion. There's no way myself or anyone else for that matter would ever be able to replace him. Performing "Faint" every night on our European tour together & festivals stateside, was one of the most special memories of my career. New project, yes. LP, no.


It's unknown what Carlile's new project is, but it would be interesting to see Mike Shinoda and himself cut up a new project that isn't Linkin Park-based.

Shinoda spoke out back in March, and was quoted by Alternative Nation saying the following:

“I’m unable to say what will happen with the band. There’s really just no answer, and it’s funny because if I even say anything about the band’s future, that becomes the headline, which is stupid because the answer is there is no answer. Fans think they want to know what the future is: Believe me, I want to know what the answer is. But there just isn’t one."