Pearl Jam has its fair share of covers, but how many of them include Eddie Vedder covered in wine?

Accompanied by Red Hot Chili PeppersChad Smith and Jeff Klinghoffer and many enthusiastic fans with tambourines, the band covered Neil Young‘s “Rockin’ In The Free World” in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

What makes the performance lean toward the Flash Dance persona is that Vedder decides to pour a large bottle of Red Wine over his head, that was conveniently placed to his right on the stage.

No word if there will be a Vino a la Vedder on the shelves this year. I mean, Jon Bon Jovi did it, and Motorhead has their own wine… It’s not like that would be COMPLETELY out of the question.




Red Hot Chili Peppers and Pearl Jam headlined Lollapalooza Brasil this weekend, in which Vedder beckoned Lollapalooza‘s founder Perry Farrell out on the stage, sang him Happy Birthday, and proceeded to slide into covering Jane’s Addiction‘s “Mountain Song.”

Watch the video here, which has a lot better sound quality than the wine shot from the nights prior:


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