Jack White is talking specifics on his most recent album ‘Boarding House Reach,’ and how modern hip-hop has influenced his work.

Quoted on NME in an interview with Lars Ulrich, Jack goes into specifics on how he “really wanted to find musicians who played with hip-hop artists onstage – who backed up Kendrick or Jay-Z or Kanye.”

He shared that he wanted to find those musicians who could play what you’d typically hear in a rap sample but replicate it with the actual instruments, so he cherry picked from videos featuring Kendrick Lamar, Jay-Z, and Kanye West, trying to find the same musicians that backed these bands live on tour.

Jack shared some of the same information in his most recent ‘Rolling Stone’ interview, and included that he attempted many tracks over the years with Jay-Z, and how he loved that Beyonce used his demo vocals for the finished song “Don’t Hurt Yourself,” from her album ‘Lemonade.’ 

He also noted in both interviews that this is the first time he’s edited an album using ProTools, rather than doing it the “old-fashioned way.” The interview says “He tracked everything to tape, as usual, but for editing, White turned to Pro Tools, a digital convenience he condemned, not long ago, as “cheating.” Moving to a realm where musicianship could be trumped by a click of a mouse was, he says, ‘a gigantic scary thing.'”

Welcome to the digital age, Jack.


‘Boarding House Reach’ is available now digitally and in stores (and in a cool tri-colored vinyl, if you’re into that sort of thing).


Watch the music video for “Over And Over And Over” here:


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