If you’re a dating app junkie, you may be guilty of a new online dating trend.

Many users on dating apps are endlessly swiping and flirting these days, with no real desire to take things any further.

Acting in such a manner on dating apps is called obligaswiping.

The term got its name from Cosmopolitan.

In truth, a lot of dating app users claim they have taken the first step towards getting back out there by joining the app to begin with. The endless swipes or flirting become something they feel they have to do to prove they are trying to date someone.

They can justify their usage as an attempt to find the right one, but the reality is many are only using these apps to satisfy their ego, with little concern for the person they are flirting with.

But, once the person on the other end starts to show the slightest bit of interest in meeting up, the obligaswiper goes cold and loses interest.

It’s easy to rationalize your behavior, but truth be told, it’s not fair to toy with people’s emotions online.

So instead of getting scared off, break the cycle by giving someone a chance … and see what happens.

They might surprise you and it could end up being the best decision you ever made!

QCWriter is a journalist who is fueled by espresso and motivated by determination. She specializes in pop culture, country music, and news content. You can follow her on Twitter by clicking here: @QCWriter.

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