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It’s a heartbreaking reality no pet owner ever wants to be faced with …

Imagine returning home from running a few errands to find your dog unresponsive, with a bag of food around their nose.

Sadly, this happened to a Texas couple, who recently had to say goodbye to their dog, Petey.

Now, the couple is sharing their story in the hopes of saving other pets from dying like Petey did.

According to ABC 13, Chrissy Young and her significant other, Christian Villarreal, say there was a bag of tortilla chips on the counter in the kitchen. According to the couple, they snacked on the chips off and on during the weekend, and Petey didn’t mess with the bag.

But, that changed when the couple ventured out. Petey probably grew hungry while they were out and his nose led him to the bag of chips.

Once Petey’s nose was inside the bag, he was unable to free himself, as the bag may have gotten stuck on his ears.

Their experience, while heartbreaking, is a good reminder not to leave food/food packaging, or anything dangerous to your pet within their reach.

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