There are plenty of lawsuits in rock history, but some are less garden variety than others.

One such lawsuit was filed by a fan against Rod Stewart on this day (November 13) in 1990, and it’s certainly a doozy.  In honor of this odd anniversary, here are four of our favorite strange lawsuits in rock history.

Patricia Boughton vs. Rod Stewart

Boughton attended a show of Stewart’s in 1989 at the then Pine Knob Music Theatre in Clarkston, Mich.  During Stewart’s show when he traditionally kicks a soccer ball into the crowd, the ball hit Boughton’s hand that allegedly resulted in a ruptured tendon in her middle finger.  She sued Stewart for $75K with one of her claims being “loss of companionship.”  Boughton’sthen-husband said the injury posed difficulty for them to “get into sexual activity.”  The suit was later settled for $17K.

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