NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 08: A view of guacamole during Flavors of Mexico Presented by Mexico Tourism during The New Yorker Festival 2016 at Casa Neta on October 8, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Donald Bowers/Getty Images for The New Yorker)

This year has proven that people are obsessed with all things avocado.

From toast to guacamole, it is hard not to spot the popular condiment everywhere. Thanks to Mexico, the world now has a new avocado accomplishment.

One wholesaler produced the world’s largest serving of guacamole. Multiple chefs stood around a giant bowl to whip up the concoction.

According to the Guinness World Records website, “the Empacadora de Aguacates Sierra del Tigre mixed up a serving that weighed in at 2.980 kg in Concepción de Buenos Aires, Jalisco, México.”

To accomplish this world record, 815 people helped to prepare the ingredients. Multiple culinary students from the area also gave their skills to produce the guacamole.

You are probably wondering how many avocados it took. Well, we have the numbers. Guinness World Records revealed that the cooks “used around 25,200 avocados, 3,500 tomatoes, 3,000 lemons, 750 onions and 90 bundles of cilantro/coriander”.

At the start of the event, State Secretary for Rural Development, Hector Padilla helped to cut the first avocado included in the dip. This event was to promote the sales of Mexican avocados. The group also enlisted the help of local artist, Aram Cortes in order to decorate the sides of the guacamole bowl. After the event was over and they had beaten their own record, Governor Aristotle Sandoval accepted the certificate.


This is not the first time Guinness World Records has seen a massive amount of guacamole. Back in 2013, a municipality in Mexico made a dip that weighed in at 2,669.5 kg.

We are not too sure what happened to all of this guacamole after both events. Those attending the guacamole viewing must have been really lucky. We mean, we always have to pay extra in order to get a little bit of guacamole. Mexico, the next guacamole making event you have, please invite us!

To see some of the process, check out the photos on Reuters.


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