For nearly 50 years, Robert Plant has been a standard bearer for rock and roll lead singers.  Few have had his presence and even fewer have had as iconic of a voice.

5 Stellar John Bonham Drum Moments

Today (May 31) would’ve been John Bonham’s 70th birthday.  As one of the best drummers in rock history (some would argue the best), it's difficult to narrow down the breadth of his career to just five moments, but after heavy soul-searching, here are five of our favorite moments, from solos to intros and everywhere in between.  

5 Classic Debut Albums Panned By 'Rolling Stone'

AC/DC's debut album High Voltage was released 42 years ago today (April 30.)  The album features some of the band's biggest fan favorites, including "T.N.T." and "It's A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock 'N' Roll)," but those pesky critics at Rolling Stone didn't think too highly of the Aussie's debut effort.

PLAYLIST: Best Side A/Track 1s

Led Zeppelin’s self-titled debut album was released 49 years ago today (January 12.)  Besides being one of the best albums of all time, Led Zeppelin also has one of the best opening tracks of all time, too.

5 Best Zeppelin Songs Co-Written By John Paul Jones

Led Zeppelin’s John Paul Jones celebrates his birthday today (January 3), and while Jimmy Page and Robert Plant get a lot of attention for writing Zeppelin’s biggest hits, Jones has his share of songwriting credits on many fan favorites. In honor of his birthday, we look at five of the best Zeppelin songs co-written by…

Eight Crazy Nights In Rock History

Tonight (December 12) marks the first night of Hanukkah, and thanks to Adam Sandler referring to the holiday as “Eight Crazy Nights,” we thought we’d look back at eight crazy nights in rock history.  Enjoy!

October 22nd - Led Zeppelin Release Led Zeppelin II In 1969

  Led Zeppe lin Release Led Zeppelin II – October 22nd, 1969 Conversation Starters Today in 1969, Led Zeppelin released Led Zeppelin II! What’s your favorite track from the LP? US Release Date: October 22nd, 1969 via Atlantic Records Album Fast Facts As named, it is the 2nd studio album to be released by Led…

September 25th - John Bonham's Death

Anniversary of John Bonham’s Death – September 25th, 1980   Conversation Starters:   This day in Rock history we lost John Bonham – one of the greatest drummers of all-time. What was your favorite performance by John? One of the greatest drummers of all time passed away today in 1980 He was known for his…