Great to talk with Chris and Maria from In This Moment. They’re currently out on the Dark Horizon tour with Motionless In White, From Ashes To New and Fit For A King. This fall they hit the road with Kiss Of Death tour with Ice Nine Kills, Avatar and New Year’s Day.

We talked about what got them into the theatrical side of rock/metal music. Chris pointed to KISS, Marie pointed to Marilyn Manson and anything thing that strikes a visual chord.

“We’re bringing a lot of new bells and whistles” Maria commented on the currant stage show. There’s a lot that goes into a ITM show, and Maria kept bringing up the fact that there’s more fire than ever before. 

The new album Godmode comes out October 27th. Chris told me that making this album they took a lot more time. Plus, working with Kane Churko, instead of his father, Kevin. “Working with him brought a whole new level of intensity to the project.” The Purge is the latest single, as they told me how that song’s been kicking around for a while. Maria talked about created songs and her writing process. We also talked about the creative element that the band brings to the videos. “I don’t have people write for me.” Maria said. She’s very hands-on when it comes to everything In This Moment.

As far as Godmode is concerned…
There’s a cover on the album – “Army of Me”
There’s one collaboration on the record.
“It’s a little darker than we normally tend to be.” Maria said about the overall vibe of the new music.
It’s more experimental.
It’s more progy, as well. “It definitely is” Chris added.

We talked horror movies also. I could talk horror flicks all day. Surprisingly, Maria said “Certain horror I can’t watch and won’t watch. It will get into my head too much.” She went on to elaborate about that.

As far as their stage getup is concerned, Chris told me “You’re literally putting on then persona and this costume to go out and be something else for the time that you’re doing it.” “I love dressing up, becoming these characters and having this other side of me be invoked, for sure.” Maria commented as far as her stage persona goes.

This is a really fun conversation….a huge thanks to Maria and Chris!

For the audio only podcast of Talkin’ Rock with Meltdown, click here.


  • Chris Howorth and Maria Brink from In This Moment

  • In This Moment - The Purge

  • In This Moment - Sick Like Me

  • In This Moment - Big Bad Wolf

  • In This Moment - Whore

  • In This Moment - The In-Between

  • In This Moment - Half god half devil

  • in this moment - blood

  • in this moment - black wedding featuring rob halford

  • in this moment - black widow

  • in this moment - oh lord

  • in this moment - roots

  • in this moment - in the air tonight

  • in this moment - the fighter

  • in this moment - as above, so below

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