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The movie industry is a multi-billion-dollar industry. In a world of supply and demand, there is no shortage of spectacular movies to curl up on the couch and watch on any given day. Almost every movie has an antagonist and a protagonist. Other more commonly used terms are “the good guy” and “the bad guy.” There’s usually a hero and a villain desperately trying to stop them—some of the best films ever made feature some of the greatest movie heroes of all time.

The hero’s journey is a tale as old as time. Of course, it predates modern films. Initially found in literature throughout the world. The hero’s journey is one of the most commonly used storylines in all novels, movies, and TV shows. It almost always starts with a call to action. How does the adventure start? Does our movie hero have the love of their life taken from them? This is what causes the story to begin.

The Greatest Movie Heroes

Along the way, the hero generally finds a guardian or friend who aids them in their quest. Often, this helper tends to help build and develop the hero’s character into something more substantial or better than their original self. Then, some challenges and obstacles get in the way of the call to action. Then comes a death or a rebirth, followed by a revelation, changes, and ultimately success, which transforms the hero into something else entirely, for better or worse.

The hero’s journey is beloved by many, and proof of this is in literature and modern-day films! If you want to discover the seven greatest movie heroes, look no further! Indeed, one of the most iconic movie heroes in the last 50 years is Luke Skywalker, but is he the greatest? Find out below!


I was looking for something to watch this weekend. Check these movies out!

  • Superman

    Superman is one of the greatest movie heroes and has been for quite some time. He is a fan favorite and beloved bt many. Not only that but he is one of the most powerful beings every created. Superman is yet another hero who never hesitates to save others when his own life is at risk.



  • James Bond

    James Bond is an iconic hero and one of the most well-known character period. The 1st James Bond movie appearance was back in 1962 and was played by Sean Connery. While perhaps not as great or powerful a Superman, he always saves the day and gets the girl.

  • Indiana Jones

    Indiana Jones has to be featured on a greatest hero list. The wild adventures he goes on in the name of history is amazing! From falling out of planes, to outrunning giant boulders and navigating through a maze of snakes. Indiana Jones is one of the greatest movie heroes! 



  • Han Solo

    Yet another hero played by the uber talented Harrison Ford. The reason I give Han Solo the spot in the top 7 over Luke Skywalker is because without Han, Luke couldn’t have gotten as far as he did. Not to mention Han Solo was an extremely capable hero in his own regard. Luke may be more powerful, but everybody loves the “bad boy” tough guy who still plays the hero role. Just remember if Han didn’t fly in and shoot Darth Vader’s Tie Fighter at the end of “A New Hope” Luke was done for. 



  • General Maximus

    General Maximus from “Gladiator” is one of my favorite all time heroes and an amazing one at that. A beloved Roman War General who through a handful of monumental tragedies dealt to him, leads one of the best comeback stories ever. He always dreamt of a united Rome and after the murder of his family had to fight his way through the Gladiator Pits to take on the Tyranny that was the New Emperor Commodus. An amazing movie hero and it couldn’t have played by anyone better than Russell Crowe.



  • William Wallace

    Certainly not a common choice but William Wallace is one of the greatest hero’s I have ever seen in a movie. In the film “Braveheart” Mel Gibson is tasked with portraying the Scottish peasant turned War General Willaim Wallace. He is tasked with leading a rebellion against the tyrannical Edward Longshanks of England. Through horrible events and tragic losses, Wallace manages to unite a country and makes the ultimate sacrifice. In the end, his sacrifice was the rallying cry for an entire nation to gain its independence!




  • Batman

    Batman is clearly one of the most iconic and beloved superheroes to hit the big screen. He is a vigilante who doesn’t always play by the rules like other heroes. Not to mention he has no actual superpowers, so in a way he is what a human is capable of reaching. Batman is a peak human. He is also uncompromising in his beliefs. He refuses to kill; however, he does not let this stop him from achieving his goals and saving the day. For me Batman is the greatest movie hero as he is most willing to sacrifice himself for the world around him. Even willing to stop being Batman if that’s what the world needs.          


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