Two players look to each other in a scene form the film 'Remember The Titans', 2000. (Photo by Buena Vista/Getty Images)

Most people work hard for their money, day in and day out. Many people like me are constantly finding themselves counting the days until they can relax on the weekend. One thing I love doing in my free time is watching movies. Among them, sports films are some of my favorites to watch. Nothing is better than spending a lazy Saturday on the couch watching some of the most entertaining sports movies and dramas in existence!

Of course, watching live sports is another national past time for people across the world! In the United States of America, we are obsessed with The National Football League. The NFL is by far our number 1 most popular sport. The NFL is followed by the National Basketball Association, The National Hockey League, and Major League Baseball. Outside the United States, Soccer is the world’s most popular sport and it’s not even close.

Sports Movies Are The Best

The next best thing to watching live sports, is watching films about sports! From Boxing, to Baseball, Hockey and of course Football. There are some absolutely spectacular sports movies out there that everyone loves watching. The sports movie genre is full of amazing true stories adapted into dramatic films that capture the epic moments of famous athletes’ feats. Some of the greatest sports movies feature some degree of a comeback within.

The great sports films are hardly ever based on the best team in the world, continuing to be the best team in the world with no adversity and everyone lives happily ever after. The great sports movies have extreme adversity, incredibly motivating storylines, or achieving the impossible through unbelievably hard work. For all these reasons, sports films are some of the most entertaining watches. Perfect for a weekend on the couch. Find out which 8 sports movies will do the trick this weekend!

  • Remember The Titans

    An inspirational movie about unity and overcoming adversity. All while taking place in one of the most racially hostile times and places in American Sports history. You can’t go wrong with this one.

  • When The Game Stands Tall

    An ultimate comeback story. Being able to overcome any obstacle life throws at you is a pivotal part of this movie.

  • Miracle

    One of the most inspirational stories in American sports history. A story on how a team of well coached teenagers defeated the best hockey team in the world. Not to mention, it’s a true story too.

  • The Longest Yard

    Funny, gritty and epic, The Longest Yard is a movie made for any weekend. It even has Burt Reynolds from the original in it!

  • Rocky

    One of the most iconic movies ever made. It’s gritty, relatable and the ultimate underdog story. Any sports weekend should possibly consider including Rocky.

  • Major League

    No baseball movie will ever compare to the likes of Major League. A truly fun watch with turning around the worst team in baseball.

  • Coach Carter

    One of the most motivational movies I have ever watched. This is a movie where then viewer can learn a thing or two. Truly inspiring and an amazing watch.

  • 61

    A movie about the legend that is Roger Maris. One of the least talked about baseball superheroes. This movie follows the legendary tale of Roger Maris chasing and passing Babe Ruth’s Home Run record that was considered impossible to beat!

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