Chris Jericho of Fozzy joins Meltdown on the Talkin' Rock Podcast!

Chris Jericho from Fozzy took a few minutes to talk about everything the band has going on, including a show at District 142 in Wyandotte this Saturday.

“It’s the fastest song to hit the top forty after two weeks,” Jericho told me about the new song, “Spotlight”. “I don’t know, maybe it adds a creepy element to it” was his reply when I asked him about the use of a child in the song. He says they’ve never really done a song like this. Check out the video below. The use of drones is killer.

Talkin’ Rock With Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho, of Fozzy, spoke to me about releasing one song at a time, instead of a complete album. He said he doesn’t want any one song to disappear. Jericho called it the “Fozzy Dead Song Graveyard.” He wants to give each song their due to, as he puts it, “Start really concentrating on a song-to-song experience.” Chris talked about trying to stay ahead of the curve, by dropping one song at a time. Then added, “I’d rather have a new song released every three to four months, rather than every one or two years.”

As far as songs they’re currently working on, he said “We don’t have any in the can.” He said they have ideas for other tunes, but nothing demoed out or produced yet.

We also talked about his podcast. I’m a big fan of the paranormal episodes that he puts out. We talked about that and some of the places he’s visited. He told me about the Anderson Hotel in Lexington. He said there was a very heavy feeling being in that haunted place.

Of course, I had to get some questions from some of our mutual friends. Hockey legend, and four-time Stanley Cup Champion, Darren McCarty wanted me to ask him about his wrestling characters. He wanted to know if they are organic or if he has any he hasn’t pulled out yet. Jericho answers that in the Talkin’ Rock podcast below.

My friend, Chris from the Pod of Thunder podcast, wanted me to ask him who was hotter, Roz Kelly or Florence Henderson…..look them up. His bass player, P.J. Farley sent me this question – what’s his favorite Trixter song? Chris answers all of these and more! Check out some of Fozzy’s music videos and then our podcast below!

  • Fozzy - "Judas"

    “Judas” was the lead single and titular track from their seventh studio album. It was released in 2017 and remains one of the bands most popular songs.

  • Fozzy - "Sane"

    Off their album Boombox in 2022. Jericho debuted the song during a broadcast of The Rock of Jericho.

  • Fozzy - "Painless"

    Another great song from their Judas album in 2017. This song served as the official theme for NXT TakeOver: Chicago II.

  • Fozzy - "I Still Burn"

    Off their Boombox album in 2017. According to Rock N Load, Jericho says it’s a story about the dreams and fire to be the best we can be.

  • Watch The Talkin' Rock Interview With Chris Jericho

    Thanks again to Chris Jericho for joining me on this podcast. Make sure to check out Fozzy when they come to District 142 in Wyandotte this Saturday!

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