Man Cave

Man Cave

I started thinking about this list a few weeks back, but I decided to post it after talking with Zacky Vengeance from Avenged Sevenfold earlier this week. He told me about a song on their upcoming “Life Is But A Dream…” album that’s “epic”, meaning long.

I guess I never really thought about it much, but if a song is unfolding and interesting, I don’t care if it’s long or not. Most long songs also feature many twists and turns, which I really like. I want the artists to take me on a journey…. that is what these songs do.

  • master of puppets - Metallica 8:35

    This song came to mind right away when I thought about this topic. This song is one of the best Metallica songs and may never be topped by the guys. This song has so many interesting changes and breakdowns. Flawless! Oh, don’t forget about “Disposable Heroes” of the same album. Killer epic song!

  • blackbird - alter bridge 7:58

    I LOVE this song. I’m so glad they continue to play it in concert. Perhaps my favorite song from Alter Bridge, it really shows off Myles Kennedy’s great voice.



  • November Rain - Guns 'N Roses 8:57

    Speaking of songs that go through changes, this is one! Slash’s solo, the great orchestral interludes. This song is a masterpiece in my mind. Oh, and who couldn’t forget the epic video.

  • Roundabout - Yes 8:29

    Talk about a song that takes you on a journey! The bass playing from Chris Squire is flawless on this classic track. This video is from their induction into the Rock Hall with Geddy Lee from RUSH playing bass. Masterful!

  • 2112 - RUSH 20:34

    Speaking of Geddy Lee, 2112 is a journey, and then some! Talk about dropping the needle and walking away! Yes, this is that song…and that entire side of the album. Yeah, it might be a collection of songs to make one, but it’s my list and I love this one!

  • Stairway To Heaven - Led Zeppelin 7:55

    Some may be burned out by this song, not me. Another song that takes the listener on a roller coaster ride. I’m including the version that Ann and Nancy Wilson did spectacularly!

  • Free Bird - Lynyrd Skynyrd

    I love how this song starts soft and end heavy. A great southern rock epic song, that was used brilliantly by Rob Zombie in his movie Devil’s Rejects. If you know, you know.

  • Do You Feel Like We Do - Peter Frampton 14:00

    This is a song that I listen all the way through whenever it pops up on the radio. I have to! I love his playing, especially the talk box thing. Really cool!

  • There Was A Time - Guns 'N Roses 6:41

    This one might be on the shorter side of long songs, but I LOVE it! One of my all-time favorite GNR songs.

  • Xanadu - RUSH 11:05

    Yes, this is a masterpiece, too.


  • Funeral For A Friend/Love Lies Bleeding - Elton John 11:07

    As far as I’m concerned, maybe Elton’s greatest moment. This song is so good! Another song that is a beautiful journey.

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