Astronomicon 6.5 Comic Con 2023

Astronomicon 6.5 Comic Con has come and gone and I’m sure another is around the corner. The pop culture baby of Twiztid. The Astronomicon 6.5 combines an interesting niche of genres such as horror, professional wrestling, and a love of all things Kevin Smith. Many of the guests center around wrestling and horror such as Marcus “Buff” Bagwell and Douglas Tait. There was a theme of Clerks and View Askew crew as we were blessed with a visit by the Man himself, Kevin Smith. And plenty of Clerks favorites were on hand also. Clerks stars such as Brian O’ Halloran (whom my wife forced to act out a Clerks scene with), Trevor Fehrman (Elias), and Jeff Anderson (Randal).

Only wish that the love of my life, Rosario Dawson could have been on hand, but perhaps she is too busy with Ashoka!

Astronomicon has a nice personal vibe where there are no random pieces. Everything and everyone fits the puzzle and makes sense. From horror merchandise to pop culture iconic toys and cosplay like Gi Joe, Ghostbusters, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

There were also some great panels with the View Askew crew that was well worth attending just for that.

Kids Too!

I think the only thing I was surprised to not see more of, which could be just the current horror-con vibe, is more junior-related horror culture. My son loves horror games that are centered more toward younger audiences.  Games like Poppy’s Playtime, Rainbow Friends, and Garten of Ban Ban. I think that is a very untapped market that horror artists can and should include.

My son subjects me to many Steam-based and Roblox-created horror games just to freak me out as often as possible. Try playing Phasmaphobia in the dark and not freak out!

I captured pics of some of the cosplayers, cool wares, and all the cool photo op sets!

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