A woman runs the Vistula Boulevards in Krakow in nice spring weather and cloudy skies. On Thursday, May 26, 2021, in Krakow, Poland. (Photo by Artur Widak/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

If you haven’t seen it, the Internet’s latest obsession is the “Running in the Air Trend.”  It’s done by two people, usually while “The Can-Can Song” plays in the background.  Here are the basics.  One person stands in front of the other . . . and they let the person in the BACK pick them up by the waist.

When the music starts the person being held starts “running” in the air.  And when the music kicks in FASTER, the person in the air begins “galloping”.  If you have fun with it, you’ll get a great video.



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♬ sonido original - Dani Valle