Alisha Moy matched with a dude on Tinder and the two hit it off at first and started seeing each other.

After a couple weeks her Tinder match convinced her to give him a key to her apartment even though she felt a little uneasy about it.  It seemed like the relationship was getting a bit more serious from his point of view than hers.

She eventually ended the relationship due to some REALLY weird behaviors and blocked him…but he still had the key!  He freaked out on her and messed up her apartment.

While she was at work, he took her shoes out of the closet and poured beans and spaghetti in them, splattered condiments on the walls, poured cooking sauce on electronic devices, cut cables for her new kitchen appliances, unplugged her fridge/freezer, and poured cooking oil all over.

She contacted the authorities and he actually pleaded guilty to the charges.


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