A couple night shift workers at a Walmart in Northhampton, MA. are dealing with fallout after one of them spilled some milk and didn’t clean it up.

According to police reports, 23-year-old Omar Rios-Robles a maintenance worker at the store, stabbed one of his co-workers over a mess the victim made and did not clean up.  Robles claims that he was punched in the face by the stabbing victim outside.

Witnesses say that Robles then stabbed the victim.  Victim was taken to the hospital and will recover.

Upon search police could not find a weapon on him or in his vehicle, but security footage shows that he drove away and left the scene for about 10 minutes which would be enough time to discard a weapon.

Robles was arrested and eventually released. The two were ordered to stay away from each other if they work the same shifts until the court date for this case.