We feel like Dave would call her a million whores for this!

A British woman and mom named Tracy Kiss has taken to social media to show off her new tattoo.  Its a pretty basic tattoo going down the side of her hand and arm featuring a sequence of small dots and bigger dots.

It’s actually a ruler!  So that she can discreetly measure a man’s johnson before getting it on!

The dots are spaced an inch apart so she can quickly measure up her potential lover. Her 14 year old daughter has caught on to moms erotic artwork and doesn’t seem to mind. Kiss has collected numerous tattoos all over her body and she says she is considering another discreet measurement tat.  This time to secretly measure a mans girth.

Kiss also has made headlines in the past, claiming that a well endowed contestant on a nude dating show put her in the hospital because his hog was too hot to handle.  So it seems this mom is a little dong obsessed.