Sarah Franks and Kaitlin O’Donovan are roommates in Clearwater, Florida and they’re now facing burglary charges after a 3am glitter attack.

Investigators say the ladies arrived at Jacob Colon’s place and began arguing with him as he stood on his fenced balcony. From there, cops say they each threw “a container of glitter” which hit him “on the upper torso and head.”

Clearwater Police

Franks was said to have then climbed onto the balcony and entered Colon’s apartment and “threw more containers of glitter at him,” and opened the door to let O’Donovan in and, of course, she let more glitter fly. After that, they kicked out a window, went to their car, and drove away. No motive is known, but clearly Colon knew the ladies and could easily identify them.

They were arrested on a felony charge of burglary with assault or battery and more.