Remember the story from this summer about a woman who found a Tiddlywink she shoved up her nose as a kid?  Well, a woman in Georgia had a sinus infection, and just found something she hadn’t seen in over 20 years!

Hannah Hamilton was suffering from a sinus infection so bad her nose was completely congested.  She used a ear wax cam to see inside her nostrils and she discovered a decorative bead she shoved up her nostril 20 YEARS ago.


yes I have pictures. Yes they are disgusting. 🤢 #medical #childhood

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She had a vague memory of sticking the bead up there and it getting stuck, but never told anyone about it. As time went on, she eventually forgot about the entire thing.


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She was able to removed the booger encrusted bead and shared video and pictures of it to TikTok.  Looks like she is going to keep the bead too.


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