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We’re about to head into the holiday season, and if you’re single and ready to mingle this year, why not slide into a special someone’s DMs?

Thanks to Bustle.com, here are a few slick DM slides to get you started. I mean, why do a typical “slide” when you can throw some Christmas cheer into the mix? Happy holidays!

DM Slides (via Bustle.com):

Sliding into your DMs, like Santa coming down the chimney.
Consider me making the first move your present.

I know we just met, but I like you a latke.
From your head to your potatoes.

You must be an evergreen because you look good all year round.
Dang, you’re looking pine.

Let’s go out next week, I promise I won’t (snow)flake on ya.
I’ll make a plan and check it twice.

Do you have any New Year’s plans? Because I have some ideas to make this year go out with a bang.
As in, you and me. Banging.

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