(Photo by Charles McQuillan/Getty Images)

City Tour Detroit is teaming up with Detroit Paranormal Expeditions to give guests an inside look at the abandoned Detroit Police 6th Precinct Building.

The building has been abandoned since 2005 and has a spooky history.

“Is a malicious spirit imprisoned in the former Detroit 6th Precinct and tied to sinister events which occurred inside this building that once served the community for over 75 years?” the event’s Facebook page states.

In continues, “Spend the ‘Night In Jail’ and find out for yourself! We’re offering a rare opportunity to tour and investigate the historic Detroit 6th Precinct which the Travel Channel identified as one the ‘most terrifying places’ in the world.”

“Discover the fascinating history of this once prominent Detroit police precinct know as the McGraw Station and support the restoration of a historic 1930’s-era building.”

Tickets for the “history only” tours are $49 each and are for sale here. Ghost hunt late night tours in addition to history of the building tours are $99 and are for sale here.

Funds raised from the tours will help support the revitalization of the building.

Space is limited to comply with social distancing guidelines. Masks are required at all times.

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