Steve Black


The term progressive is used to describe music it often invokes thoughts of mechanical precision and a need for higher education to absorb all the layers. Sure you can find that style of music under the progressive label, however if you’re open to it you will also find much, much more.
The late writer, composer, producer (and personal hero) of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Paul O’Neill once told me that the best part about progressive music is that there are no limits. If you want to explore jazz, or metal or show tunes or punk or opera, everything is welcomed within the genre.

That leads me to the Neal Morse Band who have a new double album out called The Great Adventure. Its a concept album that follows the life of a boy/man dealing with abandonment, loss, love, poor choices and the all so important ingredient hope. In other words it is a very human journey.
Beyond just the story line The Great Adventure also offers pleasant, emotional melodies and forceful vocal harmonies to compliment the complex instrumentation. The result is a well delivered musical experience.

Last week I sat down with Neal Morse and Eric Gillett to talk about the new album.

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