Everything Detroit – Fueled By Celsius Essential Energy Drinks

Everything Detroit – Fueled By Celsius Essential Energy Drinks

Everything Detroit – Fueled By Celsius Essential Energy Drinks

The WRIF air staff continues looking through the music catalog and picking their favorite tunes from artists A-Z. Jump in and let us know your favorite songs from all these bands and hopefully we’re sharing some new tunes with you as well! This time around we’re starting with the letters J, K & L.

  • Jane’s Addiction:

    Meltdown: The hits…”Jane Says”, “Been Caught Stealing” and “Stop”.

    Steve Black: “Had a Dad”. I would say I dig some of the deep tracks like “Superhero”, “Summertime Rolls” and mainly because of the guitar the first one I mentioned “Had a Dad”.
    Anne Erickson: “Stop”

    James Campbell: “Been Caught Stealing” – This song ALWAYS seemed to be on the radio when my alarm clock would go off. Never mattered what time I had to be up. I heard it all the time it was really weird so I have a strange connection to it.

    Cort Freeman: “Been Caught Stealing” is a catchy song, but Perry’s greatest accomplishment is Lollapalooza.

    Nathan Franklin: “Mountain Song”.

  • Judas Priest:

    Meltdown: Too many to list. “Firepower”, “Heading out to the Highway” ,”A Touch of Evil”. I own a lot of Priest on vinyl.

    Steve Black: “Hellion/Electric Eye”. They are probably a top 20 band for me, but, as Screaming For Vengeance was the only thing (along with tickets to see Priest) I ever won on the radio as a teenager, I had to pick a song from that album.

    Anne Erickson: “Living After Midnight”. I used to rock this one all the time on my overnight radio shift! Perfect!

    James Campbell: “Breaking the Law”.

    Cort Freeman: “Breaking The Law” would be a cool song to play after committing a heist, or something. If I ever decide to break the law, I’ll be playing ‘Breaking the Law’ in the getaway car.

    Nathan Franklin: “Turbo Lover” or “Breaking the Law”. Both these songs have been a personal favorite of mine for quite a while. I originally got into Judas Priest because of an elementary school teacher who instead of swearing would simply say “Judas Priest”. Causing me to look up Judas Priest on YouTube back in 2005.

  • Kid Rock:

    Meltdown: “American Bad Ass”, “Devil Without a Cause”, “Somebody’s Gotta Feel This” “Rock & Roll Jesus”, many more….

    Steve Black: “I Am the Bullgod”.

    Anne Erickson: “Cowboy”. It’s the first song I heard from him and a fave!

    Cort Freeman: Am I going to get judged for saying my favorite Kid Rock song is ‘Picture?’ Oh well, it’s true. Pulls me little heart strings every time I hear it.

    Nathan Franklin: “Lonely Road of Faith” and “Picture”. Growing up in a very small rural town, I naturally listened to a lot of Country songs as a kid. The first song I ever heard by Kid Rock was “Lonely Road of faith” and was drawn to it because of how easy it was for me to sing along and that it’s one of his more lyrically impressive songs.

  • Kiss:

    Meltdown: “Detroit Rock City”, “Shock Me”, “I”, “Unholy”, once again, a long list. I have most of their stuff on vinyl.

    Steve Black: “She (Live)”. For years it was “Flaming Youth”, or “Sweet Pain” as I adore the Destroyer album, but after taking a break from Kiss Alive, I’ve digging back in with renewed intensity.

    Anne Erickson: “Detroit Rock City”. Duh.

    James Campbell: “Detroit Rock City”.

    Cort Freeman: I’m obligated to go with “Detroit Rock City.”

  • Korn:

    Meltdown: “Blind”, “Adidas”, “Twisted Transistor”, “Here to Stay”.

    Steve Black: “Shoots and Ladders” was the first song I played from KoRn on the radio so I have a lot of old Z-Rock memories tied to that one.

    Anne Erickson: “Got the Life”. Again, the first song I heard from this band, and it’s legendary.

    James Campbell: “A.D.I.D.A.S.” Never knew what the shoe brand stood for until this song came out. Also, for some reason this album Life Is Peachy scared me. Like in a way that demons would be summoned upon listening to it.  I think it was just the album artwork, but either way I kept this CD separate from others and hid it in my underwear drawer.

    Cort Freeman: I accidentally listened to “Freak On a Leash” whilst searching for Keller Williams’ “Freeker By The Speaker.” That’s about as far as my familiarity with Korn goes.

    Nathan Franklin: “Freak on a Leash”.

  • Lenny Kravitz:

    Steve Black: “Always on the Run”. A song Slash started , but G&R choose not to use it, so he gave it to his pal Lenny…he even plays guitar on it.

    Anne Erickson: “Fly Away”. A classic.

    James Campbell: “Are You Gonna Go My Way”.

    Cort Freeman: I love Lenny…but not as much as my Mother loves Lenny. That’s a story for another time. His “American Woman” cover is one of the best of all-time. His album 5 got many spins on my Walkman. Lenny jams, man.

    Nathan Franklin: “American Woman”.

  • Led Zeppelin:

    Meltdown: “The Rover”, “Kashmir”, “The Crunge”, “When the Levee Breaks”, Stairway (I do like that one) The usual too many to list.

    Steve Black: “Ten Years Gone”. I would say my favorite Zep song changes often, which is probably just a sign of a great band. “Achilles Last Stand” never gets old, “In My Time of Dying” is brilliant, “Trampled Underfoot” is amazing too…can you guess what my favorite Zeppelin album is?

    Anne Erickson: “All My Love”.

    James Campbell: “Kashmir”.

    Cort Freeman: They’ve really grown on me recently. “D’yer Mak’er” has to be my favorite, though. It’s just too catchy. So catchy Sean Kingston sampled it in that song “M’Lady likes”.

    Nathan Franklin: “Kashmir” or “The Immigrant Song”. Both songs are awesome, and I cannot easily pick between the two.  The beat, the lyrics and the fame that lives on from these two tracks are what makes me pick them over the others.

  • Limp Bizkit:

    Meltdown: Anything off Chocolate Starfish. “Break Stuff”, “Nookie”. They do have some killer songs, just overshadowed by some of Fred’s antics.

    Steve Black: “Take a Look Around” as I dig the use of echo and reverb on the guitar line.

    Anne Erickson: “Re-Arranged”. This is and always will be my JAM!!

    James Campbell: “Counterfeit.”

    Cort Freeman: I have to go with “Rollin” because it reminds me of NHL Hits 2002. Awesome game.

    Nathan Franklin: “Re-Arranged”.

  • Linkin Park:

    Meltdown: Anything off A Thousand Suns. “Bleed it Out”, most of their stuff I like.

    Steve Black: “Numb”.

    Anne Erickson: “Somewhere I Belong”. This is one of the first songs I ever played on the radio.

    Cort Freeman:  I hate to be cliche, but it has to be “In The End.” The Jay-Z collab was cool, too.

    Nathan Franklin: “One Step Closer”. I greatly enjoy the whole catalog of Linkin Park however, “One Step Closer” is my favorite. I actually really dig the heavier stuff from Linkin Park when normally it wouldn’t be the case. It’s all in the delivery of the vocals for me.

  • Live:

    Steve Black: “Lightning Crashes”. I anticipated saying “Operation Spirit” but the concept behind “Lightning Crashes is just too strong to deny. If you don’t know the story it was inspired by a visit to the hospital and the realization that people were being born and dying at the same time just one floor apart.

    Meltdown: “Pain Lies on the Riverside”, “Lakini’s Juice”.

    Anne Erickson: “Lightning Crashes”. This song means a lot to me, but it’s too personal to explain here.

    James Campbell: “Selling The Drama”.

    Cort Freeman I always confuse “Lightning Crashes” with “The World I Know” by Collective Soul. Both have the same vibe. It’s really all I know from Live. Despite liking the song, I’ve never really given them a chance. Or are you asking what’s my favorite live song? Because that would be a different answer.

    Nathan Franklin: “Lightning Crashes”.

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