Everything Detroit – Fueled By Celsius Essential Energy Drinks

Everything Detroit – Fueled By Celsius Essential Energy Drinks

Everything Detroit – Fueled By Celsius Essential Energy Drinks

I Prevail

Let’s take you backstage at Riff Fest last month. Singers, Brian Burkheiser and Eric Vanlerbleghe were nice enough to give us a few minutes to talk about what they, and I Prevail have going on. During our conversation, I learned that they have a bet on the Detroit Lions this season.

It appears that there’s a new wager for this season, as Brian explained. “I’m the biggest Lions fan probably known to man. I mean, every year on tour the guys make fun of me. I wake up at the ass crack of dawn and put on my Lions jersey. Obviously, we’ve had a rough last couple of years. However, last year, Eric and I made a bet going into it, and I was drinking the cool-aid hard so I said “Alright, if the Lions have a winning record, you have to get their record tattooed on you. But, if they have a losing record, then I’ll get a tattoo.”” Of course, the Lions started off terribly, and Brian was getting nervous.

Eric felt confident because the Lions had so many bad years. “A betting man would take that bet!” Brian responded with “A true fan would say no.” He said he kept the faith, hoping they’d provide a winner soon. “It was pretty amazing to see the run they went on. (After starting so poorly last year) Unfortunately, they didn’t get into the playoffs.”

“Eric still hasn’t gotten the tattoo, which upsets me a little bit.” Brain said. He’s confident he’ll get that new ink that he still owes for last season, but they laid down the bet for this year. “How about this? If the Lions make the playoffs you have to get another tattoo, and if they don’t make the playoffs, I’ll get a tattoo?” Brian offered Eric. They don’t have an answer for what the tattoo will be if they don’t make the post-season, but as Eric stated, it’s on camera so it’s a done deal either way.

“But they will make the playoffs and Eric will have to get a second tattoo!” said the very optimistic I Prevail frontman.

Watch the interview below and see some other Lions videos from the past weekend’s trouncing of the Panthers.

Who do you think is getting inked at the end of the season?


  • Eric and Brian from I Prevail backstage at Riff Fest

    Watch the entire interview of the bet, here.

    I Prevail Makes A Lions Playoffs Bet At Riff Fest 2023
  • Coach dan campbell's post game speech after the Lions' latest victory

  • the coach's post game interview with the press.

  • Dan Campbell's press conference the day after beating the Panthers

  • QB jared goff after beating the panthers

  • Watch more WRIF interviews here.

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