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As a lifelong Detroit Lions fan, I can’t image what it would be like to win a Super Bowl. I’ve kind of given up on it, but there’s still that little glimmer of hope in my heart that it will, one day, happen. Just need the faith the size of a mustard seed, right?

  • Now, one expert is discussing what he thinks could help the Lions actually win a Super Bowl

    I can’t imagine. It would be such an incredible feeling!

  • The expert

    John Maakaron from Sports Illustrated has a new article out about what could propel the Lions to the Super Bowl.

  • From Dallas to Texas

    “The misfortunes of the Dallas Cowboys could one day propel the Detroit Lions into the stratosphere of big-time NFL football,” he writes in Sports Illustrated.

  • It all has to do with Mike McCarthy

    “It was quite a letdown –quite a letdown,” Cowboys owner Jerry Jones told reporters (via Sports Illustrated). “We’ve got good players in there. Really good players. Very disappointing that we couldn’t get it done. I would like to say that when I look at the year, I feel one way. But, the year, a big part of it when you’ve got a team like this, is winning tonight. And, we didn’t get it done tonight, and that’s big-time disappointing.”

  • If Mike McCarthy is gone from Dallas...

    Maakaron says “McCarthy’s vast experience and success working in the NFC North with the Green Bay Packers would instantly resonate with Detroit’s young roster on offense.”

  • Maakaron thinks McCarthy could be Detroit's ticket to the Super Bowl

    “One thing that is clear is that adding McCarthy to Detroit’s coaching staff would propel the organization to a higher degree of success and at a pretty quick rate,” he writes in Sports Illustrated. Maakaron says McCarthey should be the next offensive coordinator for the Lions.

  • The Goff factor

    “Quarterback Jared Goff would also benefit from working under McCarthy, as he looks to build upon his first season in Motown,” he writes in Sports Illustrated.

  • That said...

    Nobody knows if McCarthy is going to get the boot from Dallas. I personally think he’ll be there for another season. Time will tell!

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