Everything Detroit – Fueled By Celsius Essential Energy Drinks

Everything Detroit – Fueled By Celsius Essential Energy Drinks

Everything Detroit – Fueled By Celsius Essential Energy Drinks

A friend brought up Michigan’s hidden gem of Hell in conversation this morning, so I thought I’d dive into the little town to the West of Detroit. To some the name might strike fear, but don’t worry, Hell, Michigan ain’t a bad place to be, as AC/DC would say.

During the summer it is the destination to ride for motorcycles. I frequent the small town several times a summer. The winding roads are stunning in the fall. I love the fact that it’s so undeveloped. Hell, pun intended, you can walk the entire “downtown” in about five minutes. I’ll also admit that I do not frequent Hell in the winter. I may have to make an exception this year.

I recall getting lost in the woods with my family there many, many years ago. We parked in a parking area off the main drag and somewhere along the line, we got all twisted around. I remember seeing a decent-sized snake coiled up in a tree as we were trying to find our way back. We ended up over by the Hell Creek Ranch and hoofed it back to the car from there.

The name Hell became official on October 13th, 1841 according to Wikipedia. There are many theories regarding how that name came to be. Everything from a German couple getting out of their stagecoach and declaring it was so bright it was like Hell which was overheard and stuck. To one of the first locals to call the place home, George Reeves. Asked what he thought they should call the town, he reportedly replied “Call it Hell for all I care”. There were a few others according to the Wikipedia page.

Call it whatever you want, I’ll call Hell a hidden gem in Michigan. They have small houses, to giant mansions in the township. A new sub or two, to houses that have been there for decades. Paved roads, dirt roads, lakes, ponds, wildlife, and a lot more.

I hope I get to bump into some of you next time I’m out that way…in the meantime, all roads lead to HELL!

Below are some of the places that call Hell home.


  • The Hell Saloon

    The Hell Saloon is pretty much the epicenter of everything Hell. You’ll find their motorcycle night on Thursday. They have live music, decent burgers and lots of riding folk to mingle with.

    Hell Saloon | Hell, Michigan | Wicked Good Times - Go to Hell! Good Food Good Friends and Wicked Good Times!

    734.648.0669 4095 Patterson Lake Rd | Pinckney, MI 48169 S-M 11a-9p | T-Th 11a-10p | F-S 11a-12am

  • Screams Souvenirs from Hell & Helloween & The Creamatory at Screams Ice Cream.

    This place is just over the river from the Hell Saloon. If you’re looking to cool off in Hell, you’ve come to the right place.

    Screams Souvenirs from Hell & Helloween & The Creamatory at Screams Ice Cream

    Hershey's premium ice cream, freshly made waffle cones, and "droppings" for your sundae from our coffin... The Creamatory of Screams is the place to go for ice cream! Plus, if you dare, you can earn your "death certificate" eating the Gravedigger Sundae.

  • Hell Horse Equestrians

    Looking to hop on a horse or two, look no further. There’s a lot of wooded areas to ride in.

    Horseback Riding | Hell Creek Equestrian Center | Pinckney

    Hell Creek Equestrian Center is located in Pinckney, is a private equestrian farm providing, horse training, and riding services for horse owners and lovers. Specializes in Girl Scout and other youth group programs.

  • Hell Kayak and Canoe Rentals

    This is something I have to check off my list of things to do! It looks like a great way to beat the summer heat.

    Kayak | Hell Canoe & Kayak Rentals | United States

    Canoe and kayak rental business located outside of Hell, Michigan

  • Hell, Michigan

    Here’s a link to more about what’s going on in Hell. Take the family there sometimes….they’ll love it.

    Hell, Michigan

    Hell, Michigan's Official Website

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