Everything Detroit – Fueled By Celsius Essential Energy Drinks

Everything Detroit – Fueled By Celsius Essential Energy Drinks

Everything Detroit – Fueled By Celsius Essential Energy Drinks

Jonathan Ericsson of the Detroit Red Wings. Photo credit: Dave Reginek

Former Red Wings defenseman Jonathan Ericsson was nice enough to spend a few minutes on Zoom to talk about his Liv Bearnaise Sauce. Named after his daughter, it echoes the Swedish word for “Life”.

We talked about how this sauce is really a taste of home for him. While playing, he longed for the sauce, and relatives who came over to watch him play would bring some with them. “That was something I had at home all the time in the refrigerator.” Now you can just pick it up at a local Hockeytown store or punch their website here. Try some of their great recipes here.

I’ve had the chance to try out all three throughout the long President’s Day weekend. I put it on steak-um wraps. I put some on tomatoes. I put some on steak, my favorite. Jonathan said it depends on what you’re using the sauce for that determines which one he’d choose. He goes into that in the interview.

He also spoke about how he hooked up with a Detroit company to make this sauce. “I really wanted it to be made in Detroit. If we’re going to sell it there, we have to make it there.”

Pronko is a great family-owned and operated business that provides consulting, manufacturing, and distribution services for specialty sauces and condiments, catering to both emerging and established food brands. Pronko collaborates with over 30 local food entrepreneurs, offering expertise in a diverse range of products including hot sauce, salsa, barbecue sauce, and salad dressings.

We did get into a little hockey talk, of course. When I asked him if he missed it, there was a concise “Absolutely, I do” I had forgotten that he played with a few more guys than just Dylan Larkin since his career ended. Some have gone up and down through the minors and the NHL. We also talked about the fact that he only played for the Red Wings. A point of pride to him. ” I was truly lucky to be in the Red Wings organization my whole career.”

Watch the interview below, then grab some sauces and support Jonathan and a great local company. A big Thank You to Marie Groom, Al Pronko, and Fred Pronko for their hospitality. And to Bill Roose for the hookup!

  • a Conversation with Jonathan ericsson

  • The classic béarnaise sauce from Liv

    This is the Classic Liv sauce. Very tasty! Jonathan said he likes this one on his steaks. I agree!


    The classic béarnaise sauce from Liv. 

  • Liv Sriracha Sauce

    This one is my personal favorite. With a little zing, it’s not too hot. Perfect! I had some on my steak last night.

    Liv Sauce

    Sriracha béarnaise sauce

  • Liv Garlic Peppercorn

    Garlic Peppercorn béarnaise sauce from Liv. The final of the three flavors. I’ll be honest, you can’t go wrong with any of these. They’re all fantastic!

    Liv Sauce

    Garlic Peppercorn béarnaise sauce from Liv.

  • Mango Cranberry Salsa

    This Mango Cranberry Salsa was really good. My favorite of the six they let me try. Fantastic flavor.


  • Smoked Ghost Salsa

    To steal a line from Screamin’ Scott “That’s got some zing to it!’ Yes, a little warm but not too much. The hottest of the sauces I tried.


  • tomato cream vodka sauce

    I’m no cook for sure, but the wife will make something spectacular with this. That, I’m looking forward to. I love me some Vodka! LOL


  • hell fire detroit chile pepper

    Taste No Evil, eh? I was assured this wasn’t very hot. I haven’t had a chance to dig into it yet but wanted to show you all the different salsas and sauces they have.


  • Jonathan Ericsson

    A big Thank You to my friend, Dave Reginek for use of the pictures. And Thank You to “Big E” for the time. Good luck with everything!

    Big E

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