COLOGNE, GERMANY - MARCH 30: A robot dinosaur is seen at the "Jurassic World: The Exhibition" Press Preview at Odysseum on March 30, 2023 in Cologne, Germany. (Photo by Joshua Sammer/Getty Images)

Sometimes life is hard, the mundane day to day life of a 9-5 worker in the U.S. can be grueling at times. Not to mention there are tons of people working jobs that require multiple 10-hour shifts per week. Or even people who work multiple jobs just to get by. We definitely can have it hard, but do we have it as hard as some fictional universes? There are several cinematic universes that would be absolutely terrifying to inhabit.

Cinematic universes are the embedded environments that a movie or show creates for its characters. For example, Luke Skywalker is a part of the Star Wars Cinematic Universe. Batman is a part of the DC universe. Every universe has its own benefits and obstacles that have to be overcame or just dealt with on a daily basis.

For instance, in the real world, you typically wouldn’t have to worry about a Tyrannosaurus Rex barging through the roof of your house. However, in the Jurassic Park and Jurassic World Cinematic universe it’s a very real struggle.

The Worst Cinematic Universes to Live in?

But which cinematic universe would be the most difficult to live in? There are so many possibilities and options to consider. For one, universes like Harry Potter and Percy Jackson aren’t exactly ideal to live in. However, with a book and movie series like Harry Potter, the real world or “muggle world” as the series describes it, is generally unaffected by the daily life of the wizarding world. The same is true with Percy Jackson, as the mortal world is generally separated from that of the gods and their demigod children.

I will breakdown the 6 cinematic universes that I feel are the most difficult to live in. Basing the difficulty level off of how hard it would be for an everyday citizen to go on with their day unbothered, this is my list. You may not agree with all of them, but I’d like to see you try to live in them! Find out below which 6 Cinematic Universes are the worst to peacefully live in!

  • Marvel

    The Marvel Universe is certainly not an easy world to live in. What makes it so difficult is that you can’t even escape problems if you’re just an average Joe! Superheroes are usually responding to the call of civilians being attacked which makes trying to just exist in this universe a pain in the ass. I mean half of humanity was wiped away (they came back) after a big purple guy snapped his fingers…

  • Game of Thrones

    Game of Thrones is a particularly challenging world to live in. It is abundantly clear that the rulers of the world care far more about the battle for the throne than their citizens. On top of that, there are giant freaking dragons that fly around this world and lay waste to the land. While mostly they listen to their “mother’s” command and only attack her enemies, the ending does not do civilians any favors. Pretty much the entire world is either at war or freezing to death. It would for sure be an intensely difficult universe to be a part of.

  • Star Wars

    While the Star Wars universe is vast and certainly not every civilian is directly impacted by the Clone Wars or the clash between the Empire and Rebellion. Most worlds if not all have been impacted in some way or another. Whether it be for lawlessness, crazy alien creatures or the tyranny of the Empire itself, there are an endless number of problems. Any world that has, or has had a “Darth Vader” in it, is certainly a world with it’s complications.

  • Godzilla

    You can pick any universe where Godzilla has been featured in over the years and they will all be a madhouse to try and live in. Specifically looking at the most recent “Legendary Godzilla” films, these are the most intense to just exist in my opinion. You have to worry about titanic creatures the size of mountains destroying your cities. Beyond that 400-foot-tall lizards shoot nuclear fireballs out of their mouth that can certainly make everyday life a tad challenging.

  • The Hunger Games

    The world of Panem within the Hunger games universe is beyond difficult for its residents. Every year each district sacrifices a child for the sake of winning food for their families. In a twisted barbaric tradition, every year a new blend of trauma is instilled. Even during the “calm times” everything is not gold. As the non-rich people of the world are struggling to survive and eat enough each day. The term “world hunger” is most prevalent within this series. Plus, they have a pretty insane dictator in charge of everyone.

  • Jurassic Park/World

    The Jurassic Park/World Universe wouldn’t have made this list if not for The Jurassic World movies for me. In Jurassic World Dominion, we’re way past Dinosaurs just living within walled enclosures. Now the world and it’s animals must contend with Dinosaurs free roaming. It’s so astonishingly wild for me to imagine looking out your back window and seeing a pair of T-Rexes chasing their next meal through the woods.


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