Everything Detroit – Fueled By Celsius Essential Energy Drinks

Great show at the Motor City Casino Soundboard. Photo: Andrea Chodorowski

What a blast at the Motor City Casino Soundboard Wednesday night. First off, that place is a great venue to see a show. It’s too bad they don’t have many more rock shows there. It’s truly a fantastic venue. Secondly, the place was packed with rock fans! I saw lots of RIFF listeners. Thanks to everyone who said Hello.

Local guys No Resolve are opening the dates. I have to apologize to them, as I missed their set. But I did get to say hi to them afterwards.

I saw Buckcherry open for Kid Rock last summer, and it’s a similar set. I really like how the stretch out “Crazy Bitch” into a fun ten minute jam to close out their show. Opening their set with the rocker “Lit Up”, and playing hits like “Sorry”, the BC guys leave it all on the stage. By the way, how does Josh Todd never gain a pound?!?!

Skid Row came out right into the banger “Slave To The Grind” Wow! What a way to grab the audience. Of course, they played all the hits as well. “18 and Life”, “I Remember You”, “Youth Gone Wild” and more. It’s great to see these guys back on the road, enjoying touring and making music. A lot of that has to due with new singer Erik Gronwall, who’s breathed new life into the band.

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