Dolly Parton appeared on The View yesterday (1/17) to talk about her new Duncan Hines baking mixes, which now include brownies and cornbread. While she touched on her new goods, she also shared some big names on her upcoming “rock” album and more.

Dolly discussed her recent induction into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame. “That was a fun night being inducted into the Hall of Fame. That was a special night for me.”

She added, “I’m having a lot of the rock stars that I met that night be on the album. We have great artists like Paul McCartney who will be singing with me and Stevie Nicks. We just finished our song last night. We’ve got John Fogerty, and we’ve got Steve Perry and Steven Tyler. We’ve got a lot of iconic singers that are actually gonna be on with us. So I’m looking forward to it. I’m even gonna have Cher on; we’re getting a song for her. We’ve been trying to get the right thing together, but that’s gonna be a big deal, I think.”

Joy Behar asked if she would have Roling Stones’ Mick Jagger sing “Satisfaction” with her. Parton replied, “Well, I’m doing my best to try and get him on, but I did his song anyway. I think Pink and Brandi Carlile will be singing on that particular song with me.”

Dolly also talked about the sudden death of Elvis Presley’s daughter Lisa Marie last week (1/12). She offered why she thought it was important for her to post condolences to Instagram. Parton explained, “Well, I’ve known Priscilla for a long time and had a chance to visit some and a chance to be little girlfriends some years ago. When I was talking about it, I was really just heartbroken for her to lose her child, and then, of course, it was hers and Elvis’; I think she has another son, but just think about the sorrow and grief that a mother would grief losing her child. And then, of course, knowing Elvis would be so happy to have her with him again.” She added, “And all of us being there for the family we all feel like we’re part of through the years. I was just heartbroken for Priscilla, as well as the world, for being so shocked and horrified by the early death of a special, wonderful little girl. It feels like a family; I was just talking about how we all love that family as if it’s our own. A tragic thing.”

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