Ozzy Osbourne has never been shy about his history with vices and substances. However, this story about acid and talking to a horse is something else.

The Prince of Darkness shared a funny story with the U.K’s Daily Star about the time in the ’70s he decided he’d never take acid again.

“At that time in America, people were very fond of lacing your drinks with acid. I didn’t care,” recalled Osbourne. “I used to swallow handfuls of tabs at a time. The end of it came when we got back to England.”

He continued, “I took 10 tabs of acid then went for a walk in a field. I ended up standing there talking to this horse for about an hour.”

So, how did the chat with the horse conclude? ”

“In the end, the horse turned round and told me to f— off. That was it for me,” said Ozzy.

While this author has never been told off by livestock under the influence, it’s easy to understand why Osbourne decided not to touch acid again.

In other Ozzy news: His new album Patient Number 9 comes out on September 9 and is available of pre-save/pre-order here.


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