A Mickey Mantle baseball card has shattered auction records recently by becoming the highest-selling sports card of all time.

The Topps 1952 Rookie Card sold by PWCC Marketplace for a staggering $5.2 million. Per ESPN, the previous record was actually set five months prior by a Mike Trout rookie card which sold for $3.94 million.

So, who shelled out some serious cash in order to obtain this extremely rare baseball card? Turns out, it was actor Rob Gough, who, appropriately, is best known for appearing in 2018’s Billionaire Boys Club.

Gough told ESPN, “The 1952 Topps Mantle is the holy grail of sports cards. As a kid ripping packs in the ’90s, I always dreamt of owning one. … I felt this Mantle was highly underpriced.

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