Halloween Tips and Tricks

Had some favorite costumes over the years including the ones you wore as a child. Most of the kids costumes I wore you could not see out of and had a elastic band that cut blood flow to my brain.

  • 1st place was one of my favorites:
  • Capitalizing on the 1992 film “Wayne’s World” my friend Jeff and I went as Wayne & Garth.

  • 2nd place:
  • Went as Eddie Van Halen, but I looked more like Sammy Hagar then EVH! Thanks to my girlfriend at the time Kim who gave me a nifty soft perm that really took hold.

  • 3rd place: I went as a Green Bay Packers player. Pictured here with “Screamin Pops”

Hope you have your Halloween costume picked for this year. Make it safe and most of all, have fun this year!


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