We don’t know when the first Christmas decorations are going to go up at a store here in America . . . but believe it or not, they’re already up in England.

The famous British department store Selfridges in London put up their Christmas display yesterday . . . which means, yeah, they snuck it in BEFORE AUGUST, and just about 150 days before Christmas.

The store says that it may SEEM early, but lots of tourists from overseas who are visiting England right now are excited to buy their Christmas stuff to take home.


Jingle bells in July as Selfridges opens Christmas shop 147 days early

Selfridges wants its summer shoppers to swap the prosecco for Christmas pudding. The retailer has opened its Christmas shop in London - 147 days before the day - and in a move that will horrify traditionalists it will start selling festive food in August for the first time.