Chuck “The Freak” wants to help you pick out the perfect gift for your favorite bachelorette.  He’s assembled a list of gifts from Nice & Naughty that are sure to be a hit!


About Nice & Naughty

Nice & NaughtyNice & Naughty is an upscale adult retail store that is focused on building a solid and loyal brand through a clean and comfortable shopping atmosphere. Nice & Naughty has established a reputation as being an adult toy store where customers can comfortably shop for adult specialty products.

With many adult brands becoming serious about offering body-safe materials and warranties, Nice & Naughty takes the time to research the brands that are the best options for our guests. sales associates at Nice & Naughty are able and willing to open any product so that you can easily make comparisons, as well as give you more information about each product to make your decision easier.

Whether you’re looking for a special adult toy, a sexy costume, or maybe lingerie to wow your partner, Nice & Naughty can help you find what you need for any upcoming special occasion. With a wide selection of adult items, you are bound to find something fun that will create an unforgettable experience.



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Now on to the list!

  • 1. DTF Dice Game

    They say life is a roll of the dice! Let fate determine what’s happening with your partner.

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    DTF Dice

  • 2. Female Stimulator

    For the woman who needs something that doesn’t look suspicious when TSA empties her carry-on.

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  • 3. Ultimate Bondage Kit

    Since we’re talking about movies, if you’re still upset that Jamie Dornan “ain’t my Christian Grey,” you can use this kit to re-film 50 Shade of Grey in your own bedroom.

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    Bondage Kit

  • 4. Satisfyer Vibes Power Flower Female Stimulator

    Crank up your hippie music on your record player and see what Flower Power is all about!

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    Power Flower

  • 5. VeDo Hummer Machine

    Who says technology hasn’t evolved?!?! Just make sure you put this away before the family comes over.

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    Vedo Hummer Machine

  • 6. LeWand Portable Massager

    Here’s a “massager” — wink-wink – that’s manufactured by a woman-owned company

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  • 7. Fantasy Dance Pole

    Here’s something you can use in the bedroom or for an impromptu Festivus celebration. Bring on the airing of the grievances.

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    Dance Pole

  • 8. Web Bed Restraint

    Does your partner have Peter Parker proclivities? Then get them trapped in your web-shaped bed restraint!

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    Fantasy Web

  • 9. Satisfyer 1 Next Generation Clitoral Stimulator Waterproof

    Be ready for an adventure anywhere with the new waterproof Satisfyer 1 next generation.

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    satisfyer 1

  • 10 VeDo Bunny

    I heard these were made popular by Sex & the City

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    vendo Kinky Bunny

  • And of course.. Lingerie!

    You can’t go wrong with Lingerie

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  • Need further advice? Meet James the dildo consultant!