Tigercub have firmly displayed their ability to lacerate the surface with ease with thundering “I.W.G.F.U.”, the band’s

    first new material since their second album “As Blue As Indigo” landed at the start of summer. Produced by the

    band’s front man Jamie Stephen Hall and mixed by Tom Dalgety (Pixies, Ghost, Royal Blood), the latest cut from

    Tigercub further establishes Hall’s talent for pairing woozy melody to infectious, contorting riff-work. Hooky and

    immediate, “I.W.G.F.U.” is another statement from a band clearly on an ascent, quickly following up their releasing

    their sophomore album, As Blue As Indigo

    As Blue As Indigo to rave reviews from metal, rock and alt press internationally. The record, that Upset calls one to

    “cement them at the top of the food chain”, was written and produced by the band’s own Jamie Stephen Hall,

    engineered and co-produced by Adrian Bushby (Foo Fighters, Muse) and mixed by Tom Dalgety (Pixies, Ghost,

    Royal Blood). Written over two years, “As Blue As Indigo” champions introspection drawing on the subjectivity of

    colour, paired with masterclass songwriting, mind-bending arrangements constructed with boundary-pushing

    production, “One of the best rock records of the year,” claims Under The Radar Magazine.

    The band’s Jamie Hall had the following to say about the single:

    “I wanted a party song to kick off our first headline tour in four years. I.W.G.F.U is that song, it’s a thrill ride, start

    to finish, it journeys through the dynamic spectrum at breakneck speed and I think lands harder than anything

    we’ve ever done.

    It’s about drinking, and that moment when despite my best efforts to abstain, my impulse always takes over

    and I say: “fuck it” let’s go big.”

    Jamie Stephen Hall, who stands 7 foot tall and is the band’s sole songwriter, claims the creative fire for “As Blue

    As Indigo” was sparked by colour theory and the notion that what each human eye sees as colour could be totally

    subjective. That idea led him to explore his own personal issues through a similar prism, exploring topics including

    anxiety, depression, toxic masculinity, the death of his grandmother and the recent suicide of a close friend; and in

    turn began spinning the lyrical thread that ties the entire record together. Putting himself under the microscope

    was to become key:

    “I never really felt in the past that I could talk about really personal things. I’d always used a mask. It’s quite easy to

    do that because you’re not exposing yourself in anyway. I’d always subconsciously tried to shy away from talking

    about myself,” he notes. “I didn’t want to do that anymore. I wanted this to be about me and process my emotions for

    the first time. I think that’s made us more genuine and authentic as a band”

    As Blue As Indigo is as colourful a journey as the vivid title suggests, its ten tracks span the progressive to the

    immediate, the gentle to the monolithic, and most of all fulfill the significant potential the band have always promised.

    As Blue As Indigo is an album that looks set to cement their place at the top table of British rock acts in 2021.

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