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Comedian Craig Gass is coming to One Night Stan's! (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Comedian Craig Gass is coming back to Metro Detroit! He’ll be performing at One Night Stan’s in Waterford tonight, Thursday, May 9th, through Saturday, May 11th! Safe to say he’s our kind of comedian here at The Riff. He loves rock and has some pretty crazy stories involving your favorite rock stars!

If you’re looking for plans this weekend, you should go and check out Craig Gass do some stand-up comedy! Does his name ring a bell? You’ve probably heard him even if you haven’t heard of him. Here’s more on the funny man below!

Craig Gass Is Coming Back To Metro Detroit

If you’ve never seen Craig Gass perform stand-up, you’re missing out. However, you might have seen his work in other ways that you didn’t realize was him. The comedian has done voice work on two of my favorite shows Family Guy and American Dad! He has one of the best Al Pacino impressions you’ll see and hear.

Too “grown up” for cartoons? Then you could have seen Mr. Gass as “The New Guy” at Kevin James’ place of work on the hit sitcom King Of Queens. He also played Miranda’s “Glazed Donut” boyfriend on HBO’s Sex and the City. Additionally, he was a featured performer on The Roasts Of Gene Simmons and Corey Taylor! Craig is living my dream combining comedy and rock!

I’ve had the privilege of meeting Craig a couple of times over the years and he’s definitely one of my favorite comedians in the game right now. Not only is he funny and relatable, he’s a super good guy! He has a very interesting background, too. His whole family is actually deaf, meaning he couldn’t learn to talk from them so he learned by copying voices he heard on TV! That’s what helped make him one of the best impressionists in comedy. Seriously, he can do pretty much anyone–I mean, he can do pretty much anyone’s voice. That’s right.

In honor of Craig Gass coming to One Night Stan’s this weekend, I decided to put together 5 facts you might not know about him! It was a difficult task to only pick 5 because his career and journey has featured so many unbelievable stories and events. To help pick out 5 facts, and since this is WRIF, I chose to pick 5 rock-related facts about Craig to share. Unfortunately, that means you won’t get to hear about how his first roommate in New York City was Mitch Hedberg. What??

Hopefully, these tid-bits will help inspire you to go see him this weekend where you’ll get to hear more on some of these and in much better detail. Get ready to meet your next favorite comedian!

  • Lived At Eddie Van Halen's

    In 2004, Craig lived at Eddie Van Halen’s house in his recording studio! Can you imagine how awesome that would have been? Oh, that’s just my roommate Eddie. He has tons of stories about living with the famous hermit. I’ve lived the role of a squatter before, but it was just a buddy of mine. It wasn’t one of the biggest rock stars on the planet!

  • Has Opened For Metallica

    Craig is the first comedian to ever open for Metallica! Last November, we got to see acts like Mammoth WVH and Five Finger Death Punch open for Metallica, but having a comedian open for the band would be interesting to see! Craig is a master at working with the rock crowds, it can be a very difficult thing to accomplish! I’ve done stand-up sets across the country and the worst one was a set before a rock concert in California. They wanted nothing to do with me, they just wanted me to bring out the band. It was a horrible experience. However, that’s where Craig excels. Lars even poked fun at his background I told you about earlier! What??

  • Is Friends With Mike From Pearl Jam

    Craig has another famous friend in rock and roll. He’s friends with Mike from Pearl Jam! It’s funny because we were just talking about Mike on Dave & Chuck The Freak the other day. Mike took a fall during one of their concerts and Craig had some hilarious texts from Mike talking about what happened and why he went down. Some people will claim to have famous friends for the street cred, but Craig walks the walk.

  • Has Upset Gene Simmons

    Believe it or not, not everybody loves having comedians do impressions of them. They can get a little agitated over it, actually. Sometimes, they can get incredibly bothered by it. So much so that they end up flying to NYC to confront the comedian. Well, that’s what happened with Craig Gass and Gene Simmons from KISS. Gene was so upset about Craig’s impression of him that he boarded a flight and went to confront Craig during an event. How rock and roll is that??

  • Married Corey Taylor And Alicia Dove

    Earlier, I told you about Craig being featured on a roast of Corey Taylor. However, they’re relationship goes much deeper than that. Craig actually got to marry Corey Taylor and his wife Alicia Dove in Las Vegas last year. He did it in pure Vegas fashion. For the wedding, Craig was dressed up as Elvis and put on a show doing it. It sounds like that would have been a hilarious wedding to witness.

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